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Medical Tourism in Puerto Vallarta

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How is healthcare in Mexico?
In respects to the quality between private hospitals and based of what I have experience first hand in the US, is that is way better in Mexico and it costs a lot less. There’s a private and public system. The public system works as good as you would imagine a public third world country system works.

These modern hospitals and support facilities in Puerto Vallarta have excellent doctors/ specialists who speak English, use the latest laboratory technology and X-rays, have a staff that speaks primarily English and hospitals will accept some health insurance issued in the US.

Puerto Vallarta has risen to prominence on the global stage when it comes to seeking top-notch medical treatments and procedures.

Renowned for its beautiful beaches and lively culture, Mexico’s top beach destination has quietly become a hub for medical tourism, offering a unique blend of world-class healthcare and tranquil recuperation.


Puerto Vallarta boasts modern and well-equipped medical facilities that are staffed by highly qualified professionals who adhere to international standards of medical care. You will find a full range of medical services to meet your needs, from cosmetic surgery and dental care to specialized surgeries and wellness procedures.

Puerto Vallarta’s most prestigious medical centers and hospitals include:
Vallarta Medical Center

Vallarta Medical Center has the best infrastructure, the most advanced technology and excellent human resources that guarantee quality care and warmth, and is the leading institution for the safest specialized medical care in the Puerto Vallarta area. The best option for medical, surgical and hospital care with the highest standards of quality and capacity to solve all types of issues related to your health. Services include ICU, inpatient, imaging and diagnostic center. Vallarta Medical Center has contracted with major international insurance companies to help cover your medical expenses.

Medassist Hospital

With over 30 years of experience, Medassist is one of the most respected medical facilities in Puerto Vallarta. This privately owned hospital has a new ICU, new operating rooms, and its own in-house laboratory for inpatient and outpatient services, and is conveniently located in the Romantic Zone. To ensure that patients receive the best possible care, the hospital is equipped with a state-of-the-art CAT scan, ultrasound and other radiology equipment. An ER physician is on site 24 hours a day and an international services coordinator is available to assist patients every step of the way.
Spine Center Vallarta

Spine Center Vallarta’s staff includes respected local, national and international medical professionals. They are highly educated, being graduates of the best medical schools in Mexico. Their expertise in the care and treatment of all spine disorders, including congenital malformations, degenerative disorders, spine cancer, and spine trauma, in both adults and children, is second to none. Spine Center Vallarta is an AOSpine member and is also a member of several spine societies, including the Mexican Association of Spine Surgeons (AMCICO), the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), and the Mexican Federation of Orthopedic and Traumatology Colleges (FEMECOT), as well as local medical societies.

Hospital Joya

Since 1999, this state-of-the-art hospital has provided around-the-clock emergency services and intensive care for adults and children in many specialties. Hospital Joya serves the needs of Puerto Vallarta residents and international visitors with the highest levels of hospital accreditation and an unparalleled commitment to its patients. Hospital Joya Marina facilities in Puerto Vallarta include an ICU for Adults, Blood Bank, Hemodynamic Laboratory, Clinical Laboratory, Hemodialysis Unit, Complete Diagnostic Area, and the only certified NICU in the area.


The expertise of Puerto Vallarta’s medical professionals is one of the driving forces behind its emergence as a medical tourism destination. A high level of care and expertise is ensured by the fact that many doctors and specialists have been trained at prestigious international institutions.

But what really sets Puerto Vallarta apart is the affordability of its medical care. Healthcare costs are often much lower than elsewhere in the world, providing patients with high quality care without breaking the bank. Here you’ll find exceptional value for your investment, whether you’re considering cosmetic surgery, dental care or specialized procedures.


Imagine a serene tropical paradise where you can recuperate from a medical procedure. That is exactly what Puerto Vallarta offers. The city provides an ideal environment for recovery, with soothing ocean breezes, lush landscapes and a relaxed pace of life. Many medical tourists find solace in the tranquil surroundings during their healing and rejuvenation process.

Accommodations in Puerto Vallarta include 5 hotel zones with more than 22,500 rooms in hotels ranging from luxurious beachfront resorts to intimate hacienda-style boutique hotels and comfortable ocean-view private villas.


Puerto Vallarta is an ideal destination for medical tourists from the United States and Canada due to its strategic location. You can easily access top-notch medical care without the hassle of long travel just a short flight from major cities. This proximity minimizes the stress of medical travel by allowing for quick and efficient travel.

Puerto Vallarta has one of the country’s main international airports. It offers flights to over 23 US destinations, 15 in Canada, 15 in Mexico and 1 in Europe.

The city also has excellent land connections thanks to a network of highways, both to the north and to the south of Jalisco, through the 200 highway and to the east through the 70 highway. Additionally, nine bus lines connect Puerto Vallarta with more than 20 Mexican states from the city’s bus station.


Thorough research and communication with medical professionals is essential before embarking on your medical trip to Puerto Vallarta. Know the ins and outs of the process, gather information about the healthcare facilities, and establish a clear line of communication with the healthcare professional of your choice.

Reliable and trustworthy tools like the Vallarta Medical Network can help you choose the right doctor, the right hospital, and provide you with firsthand information to ensure a speedy and seamless recovery.

Vallarta Medical Network provides access to a digital directory of hospitals, medical centers, clinics and over 100 national and international medical professionals from your computer or mobile phone. There are also 40 specialties, including Plastic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Cardiology, among others, included in the Vallarta Medical Network Medical Guide.


In addition to the medical aspect, Puerto Vallarta also offers the opportunity for cultural exploration. Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture as you explore the charming cobblestone streets and indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine. Combining medical and cultural experiences makes your trip to Puerto Vallarta more than just medical, but a holistic and enriching adventure.

Puerto Vallarta has evolved into a destination which, in addition to its natural beauty and cultural wealth, provides outstanding medical care. The “Friendliest City in the World” has truly earned its place on the medical tourism map with its blend of quality healthcare, knowledgeable professionals, affordable treatments and serene recuperation.

Puerto Vallarta is positioned as one of the 10 “Friendliest Cities in the World” 2023 https://promovisionpv.com/puerto-vallarta-is-positioned-as-one-of-the-10-friendliest-cities-in-the-world/

Consider Puerto Vallarta your destination of choice, whether you’re seeking medical treatment or simply a place to rejuvenate.

The Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social or IMSS is Mexico’s national healthcare program. Foreigners who are living and employed in Mexico are eligible for IMSS coverage. It is a popular resource for working expats with a temporary or permanent residency visa.

Health Insurance in Mexico for Foreigners and Expatriates https://internationalinsurance.com

Why should I go to a Dentist in Puerto Vallarta? https://promovisionpv.com/why-should-i-go-to-a-dentist-in-puerto-vallarta/

Alternative Medecine Puerto Vallarta, Holistic Medecine, Yoga, Homeopathy, Acuponcture, Reflexology, Ayurveda, …. https://promovisionpv.com/alternative-medecine-puerto-vallarta-holistic-medecine-yoga-homeopathy-acuponcture-reflexology-ayurveda/

Top four Puerto Vallarta medical care centers

Puerto Vallarta has quite a few well-equipped medical centers and hospitals to choose from. And, most of the Puerto Vallarta medical-care centers are staffed with highly-trained, certified physicians who carry credentials from both the United States and Mexico. Also, most of the staff at each location is bi-lingual. So, you don’t have to worry about communication issues.

Below are the top four medical-care centers in Puerto Vallarta:

1 Vallarta Medical Center

At the top of the list is Vallarta Medical Center, the best option in Puerto Vallarta for medical, surgical, and hospital care. They comply with the highest quality standards and they posses a great ability to resolve just about any medical issue you may have.

The staff at Vallarta Medical Center consists of medical personnel, paramedics, and various specialists that are all ready to serve you. And, their highest priorities are ethics, professionalism, and quality. Hence, you can be assured that they’ll focus on making you feel comfortable and pain-free during your stay.

Vallarta Medical Center has modern facilities and cutting-edge medical equipment to provide you with a fast and comprehensive assessment. Also, they aim to provide you with an appropriate and timely diagnosis. Furthermore, they offer individualized management for each patient and each and every illness. VMC Vallarta Medical Center
Address: Av Los Tules 136, Díaz Ordaz, 48310 Puerto Vallarta, Jal.
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: 322 178 3000

2 Hospiten Puerto Vallarta

Located between the International Airport and Marina Vallarta, Hospiten comes in second on the list. And, this Puerto Vallarta medical-care center boasts an international network with locations throughout Mexico, Spain, and the Caribbean islands. There, you can expect the best and the most extensive medical services and equipment. From Cardiology and Pediatrics, to Cosmetic surgery and Urology, their list of services truly is extensive. Therefore, whatever your medical issue may be, chances are, Hospiten will provide everything you need and more.

“We have used this hospital’s lab services over the years but never needed more. During this trip, they took fine care of my wife who needed urgent care and a night in the spotless hospital. Every single person provided professional, helpful and friendly service. The patient rooms are large, nice large couch for spouse naps, and constant nurse attention. They made sure to quickly send scans and test results to her US physician.

3 Hospital Joya

First opened in November of 2000, Hospital San Javier Marina was the first Puerto Vallarta medical care center to offer comprehensive hospital services in Puerto Vallarta, according to their website. There, you’ll find state-of-the-art medical technology, an excellent Intensive Care Unit, and the only Pediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in an accredited private hospital in Puerto Vallarta and along Banderas Bay.

“I ended up in the hospital during a weekend vacation and I’m so happy I was cared for by the professionals at San Javier. From the nurses, imaging technicians, doctors and staff, everyone was extremely friendly and courteous. There was MAYBE one person that didn’t speak english… so it was great to feel cared for and understood. Their facilities were lovely and their imaging devices were all in very good condition.” – Roya from Washington. http://sanjavier.com.mx/hospitales/puerto-vallarta/

4 Hospital CMQ Premiere

This award-winning Puerto Vallarta medical-care center is located along the Riviera Nayarit, on the south side of Vallarta. And, it’s considered to be the leading hospital in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. Below, read how they describe their hospital on the main page of their website:

“Hospital CMQ Premiere in Puerto Vallarta is widely recognized for its outstanding quality and patient-centered care, and as the leading hospital in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. With state-of-the-art facilities and the best physician group, Hospital CMQ Premiere has been setting the highest standards in clinical care since 2008. As the most comprehensive medical center in Banderas Bay, CMQ Premiere is the only hospital in the city capable of providing the most complex medical services, such as Heart Surgery, Peritoneal Dialysis, Nephrology, ICU Intensive Care, Cath/Angio Lab, Cardiovascular Surgery and Neurosurgical Care.”
Mexican Medical Care System. https://hospitalcmq.com/hospital/cmq-premiere/

The following applies to Mexico as a whole. Therefore, this is what you can expect from Puerto Vallarta medical services: How it works…

Only Mexican citizens and legal immigrants can get benefits from the national health care system in Mexico called “Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social.” Therefore, you need to possess full medical travel insurance, in order to be covered. Otherwise, you can face quite large medical bills, including charges for ambulance services. And, they may not allow you to leave Mexico until your medical bill is completely paid.
Medical care plans from the USA

Chances are, your existing medical insurance doesn’t cover you in Mexico. Therefore, make sure you check with your insurance provider before you leave the United States. You may add international coverage to your existing plan, or just purchase a travel insurance policy to cover you and your family for the duration of your time within Mexico.

Ensure that your policy covers emergency services like ambulance and ICU. Also, be sure to confirm coverage for flight services just in case you need an air-lift back to the United States. Flight expenses are very high, so prepare for the worst. But then, stay safe during your visit to Puerto Vallarta to avoid injuries in the first place.

Puerto Vallarta medical-care payments

Regardless of your insurance, you will probably be required to pay a deposit upfront. Then, you will receive a reimbursement from your provider after a few days. So, confirm this with your provider and maintain ample funds in your bank account or credit card, just in case.

SANMARÉ Health-Care Group
Medical clinic
Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio 2735-9 ·
Phone: 322 252 1711
Open 24 hours

The city’s vibrant nightlife includes some of Latin America’s best clubs, fiestas, and music festivals. The area’s natural beauty is unparalleled. From its blue waters to its lush jungles and majestic mountains, Puerto Vallarta has something for nature-loving travelers.

All About Puerto Vallarta https://promovisionpv.com/all-about-puerto-vallarta/

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All about Puerto Vallarta

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