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Visit Riviera Nayarit on your next vacation

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Visit the Riviera Nayarit on your next vacation to Puerto Vallarta.

Between the Mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental and the Mexican Pacific Coast, in one of the smallest and least populated states in the country, there is a place that houses exceptional natural and cultural wealth: the state of Nayarit.

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An ideal landscape to escape from mass tourism, connect with nature, engage in extreme sports, or discover authentic pre-Hispanic culture. These are the five reasons why you should visit Nayarit on your next vacation to Mexico.
Paradisiacal Beaches

In Mexico, there is more than just the beaches of the Caribbean. In the Riviera Nayarit, you can discover unforgettable places like San Blas, with its nearly pristine beaches, Sayulita and San Pancho, perfect for surfing, or Punta Mita, for those who prefer luxury.

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Don’t miss visiting Playa Novillero, which, with its more than 80 kilometers, is the longest in Mexico—the second longest in Latin America, after Praia Do Cassino in Brazil. Its golden sands and calm waves make it the ideal place for a family getaway. Another essential getaway is Playa Escondida or Playa del Amor, in the Marietas Islands National Park, less than 10 kilometers southwest of Punta Mita.

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It is a small hidden white sand cove nestled in the heart of a rocky formation, only accessible by swimming.

Magical Towns

Nayarit is one of the Mexican states with the highest number of Magical Towns. This year, five destinations obtained this designation, with which the Mexican government recognizes their ability to preserve their original traditions, history, culture, and architecture over time. San Blas stands out for its beaches, mangroves, and its iconic pier. Ahuacatlán is known for its colonial architecture. Amatlán de Cañas is famous for its cobbled streets, adobe houses, and red roofs, as well as its thermal spring water sources.

Nayarit has 5 new Magical Towns https://promovisionpv.com/nayarit-has-5-new-magical-towns/

In Ixtlán del Río, you can visit one of the most important archaeological sites in the region, Los Toriles, and the hill of Cristo Rey, where believers gather during the last week of October. In Puerto Balleto, you can stay in the old prisoner accommodations, which have been renovated and adapted, as it is located on an island that was once Mexico’s most famous prison, Isla de María Madre, in the Marías Islands Biosphere Reserve. These unforgettable sites join the four Magical Towns that the state already had: Compostela, Jala, Mexcaltitlán, and Sayulita.

An Unforgettable Adventure

The warm waters of Puerto de San Blas are home to the whale shark, known as the domino fish due to its gray skin with white lines and dots. It’s the largest fish in the world, and despite its size (it can measure up to 18 meters long and weigh up to 34 tons), it is harmless (it doesn’t feed on meat but rather on plankton). Would you dare to swim near one?

Enjoy this experience with the highest safety standards provided by authorized providers who follow regulations to minimize the impact on the species. You can also admire the humpback whale, which in the winter months (from mid-December to late March) migrates to the Mexican Pacific Coast to mate and reproduce. Or, if you prefer, you can release sea turtles, as Nayarit is a nesting site for four species. Its great biodiversity makes the state home to endemic birds.

Take a boat to the Isla Isabel National Park, where you can spot blue-footed boobies or pelicans. The Nayarit jungle is home to jaguars, but they are more difficult to spot.
Abundant Natural Offerings

Although not everything in Nayarit is about the beach. If you’re into mountains, don’t miss the mystical Sierra del Nayar, where important indigenous groups inhabit the region: Wirrárikas (or Huicholes), Mexicaneros, and Coras.

There are also important reservoirs and lagoons inland, such as Laguna de Agua Brava, Laguna de Mexcaltitlán (where the island of the same name is located), and Estero de Cuautla. Mexcaltitlán, a small, colorful, and tranquil fishing village, is considered the ancient city of Aztlán.

Known as the Mexican Venice due to the canals that form within the island during the rainy season. These canals are navigated by rafts by the locals.

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In Nayarit, you’ll find a wide variety of fresh seafood products. Savor typical dishes like pescado zarandeado, a delicacy prepared with various sauces and smoked over wood, or Tlaxtihuilli, a recipe based on shrimp, chilies, and corn atole.

Don’t miss trying the famous ceviche and fish chicharrón, seafood molcajete, Nayarit tamales, or tatemada birria.

Lo de Marcos is a very small but charming town https://promovisionpv.com/lo-de-marcos-is-a-very-small-but-charming-town/

Don’t wait any longer; pack your bags and take a step beyond, to Nayarit, on the Mexican Pacific Coast, with unique sites and much to discover.

National Geographic recognizes Nayarit as a new favorite destination
The prestigious National Geographic magazine in Spanish recognized Nayarit as the must-see destination for adventurers. The recent publication also mentions activities in ecotourism, art, culture, gastronomy, history, Magical Towns and beaches.

“There are many reasons for you to make Nayarit your new favorite destination and live there the best adventures of your life, and not just once, since you will surely come back many times over to complete the different experiences that we offer” says the special report.

In addition to this, Nat Geo‘s Travelers magazine‘s December edition is dedicated to Nayarit as a destination that has it all. What are you waiting for? Come visit!

Read the full post (in spanish) here: https://www.ngenespanol.com/el-mundo/nayarit-tu-nuevo-destino-favorito-con-las-mejores-aventuras/

Ecotourism, art, culture, gastronomy, history, Magical Towns and beaches: Nayarit does have it all to choose your favorite activities and interests and no day is the same as another.

Located in western Mexico, Nayarit is one of the Mexican entities with the greatest presence among national and foreign travelers, and it is no wonder: its privileged location facing the Pacific and its very pleasant 25 ºC average annual temperature are one of the first characteristics They also attract the attention of tourists, athletes, professional gluttons or researchers, since the flora and fauna present in the state represent a unique opportunity to obtain knowledge in different scientific branches. However, there are more reasons for you to make Nayarit your new favorite destination and live there the best adventures of your life, not just one occasion, since you will surely return many more times to complete the different experiences that we propose below.

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Regarding its sports offer, Nayarit’s main attractions are related to aquatic activities, the best known being surfing, which you can practice (depending on your level of experience) in San Blas, Platanitos or Sayulita. The season runs from April to November, but keep in mind that Nayarit has some of the biggest waves in the entire world, so sometimes a certain prior level on the board is required: maximum adrenaline!

Bucerias Beach Nayarit Mexico – Traditional Mexican Town https://promovisionpv.com/bucerias-beach-nayarit-mexico-traditional-mexican-town/

Excursions on foot, horseback, bicycle or a mixture of these means are also a must that you should consider for your visit. If you opt for this activity, it is very important that you carry insect repellent, sunscreen and drinking water at all times; and you can take tours in the Sierra de Vallejo Biosphere Reserve, the Los Arcos National Park, Mirador del Toro and Cerro del Mono, among others. And, of course, the beach activity par excellence, swimming, occupies the position of honor in any of the twenty natural locations, in addition to the swimming pools that you find in practically all the hotels in the region.

Nayarit represents an unmissable opportunity to carry out ecotourism, scientific and learning activities (whether academic or for the mere pleasure of discovering natural wonders). Among these, the most requested are the sightings of gray and humpback whales every winter (adding up to 10 thousand specimens between both species), which travel to Nayarit to mate, as well as to have their previous calves and show them “the world.” Consider that boats can only stay a maximum of 30 minutes near the whales before having to leave so as not to disturb these gentle giants.

Nayarit is also a crucial reserve for different sea turtles that come to its beaches to lay their eggs between July and October. As soon as possible, the preservation camps collect the eggs to prevent them from being stolen and then, to take maximum care of these animals and raise awareness among visitors, from September to November release processes of up to 1.3 million hatchlings are organized between all the Nayarit camps, where four protected species of sea turtles are mainly born: olive ridley, green, leatherback and hawksbill.

Another activity that is receiving more and more attention is visiting a waterfall (or several) to practice rappelling, swimming and photography: we suggest the waterfalls of La Luna, El Cora, Real de Acuitapilco, Salto de Jumatán or El Chorrillo. They all have a particular charm, so we even suggest you get to know them all.

Culture is abundant and highly valued by the proud local indigenous groups, who show and share – and show off – (why not?) their history, traditions and style whenever they can. In the Sierra Madre Occidental four ethnic groups stand out: the southern Tepehuanes, the Wixaritari, the Coras or Nayeeri and the Mexicaneros, who are of Nahuatl origin. The Wixaritari (plural of Wixárika) wear a huerruri, the typical costume embroidered in cross stitch with cotton and weave figures of thread or yarn with ideograms to be in contact with divinity and the elements of nature. The fabrics made with wood are called nierikas and represent the knowledge acquired; By giving a nierika, they share their wisdom.

In Wixárika art, sculptures must be carved exclusively with copal wood; Then, the figure is varnished with beeswax and the colored beads are placed on top, one by one, but the characteristic aroma of copal is preserved.

Once you reach this point, there is no turning back: Nayarit is a paradise of good food. Yes, fish and seafood are of the day, but we will lack space for everything that you can taste not only in the traditional markets

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