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Quality of Healthcare in Puerto Vallarta?

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There has modern and fully equipped hospitals and many more excellent health care centers of all kinds in the Bay of Banderas area including from Nuevo Nayarit, Bucerias and Punta Mita. so finding what you need will never be a problem.

If you go to a small clinic that may be attached to a Farmacia, and may be free or a very low cost.

Amazing Medical Care in Puerto Vallarta

Medical care in Puerto Vallarta, where most doctors speak English, is probably the same and better, much faster to receive and cheaper than in your hometown of the north.

These modern hospitals and support facilities in Puerto Vallarta have excellent doctors/ specialists who speak English, use the latest laboratory technology and X-rays, have a staff that speaks primarily English and hospitals will accept some International health insurance issued in the US.

Now there are a large number of expats living in Puerto Vallarta with many more in the process of moving or thinking of moving to Puerto Vallarta. Some live here full time and others live part-time. Some are of Medicare retirement age and others are younger. Some are from the United States and others from Canada and other countries.

Some are in good health and others have chronic health problems, so there is a need for a wide variety of international health insurance options.

Since there is such a wide variety of options, we can not present in detail in this publication all the details and variations because they are personal. However, what we can do here is give the following introduction to the type of programs available. We can recommend reputable insurance professionals who can answer all your questions and offer coverage options.

International health insurance: Several insurance companies provide a wide range of health coverage for when you are outside of your country of origin. Travel medical insurance: The policies are adapted to short international trips and there is no subscription to these policies, although the pre-existing conditions may be relevant in case of a claim. Medical evacuation insurance: This coverage provides air ambulance service. Some will take you to the city of your choice, others to the nearest city for your type of attention. Travel cancellation insurance: Depending on the policy, you can recover the cost of your unused flight, unused hotel costs and a certain amount of emergency medical treatment.

Since there are so many international health insurance options, it’s important to work with a knowledgeable person so that you can buy the right policy for you.
Insurance is generally not accepted for outpatient services, such as doctor’s appointments, X-rays, laboratory tests, etc. When admitted to any hospital, the hospital will require a deposit with a credit card in an amount of between 10,000 and 50,000 pesos, depending on the situation. You can request that the deposit not be executed but retained until more information is known about the insurance, the condition, the expected treatment costs, etc. If you have health insurance for Mexico, you must notify the hospital at the time of admission and request to contact the insurance company immediately to obtain a prior certification of coverage to demonstrate that the procedure such as surgery, MRI, etc. is a medical necessity. This starts the process by which the hospital will contact the insurance company to obtain a guarantee of payment, fewer deductibles or items not covered so that you can know the charge of your credit card. In addition, you or a representative should contact your insurance company immediately if you are hospitalized.

In general, the medical care you receive while traveling outside of the United States is not covered by regular Medicare. However, Medicare Plan F covers costs not covered by Medicare Parts A and B, including reimbursement of international medical expenses required up to 60 days after leaving the US. You pay the portion of the charge you would normally pay for covered services. This includes any necessary medical and ambulance service that you receive in a foreign country as part of a covered hospitalization for inpatients. It also pays the coinsurance, copays, and deductibles you would normally pay if you had these same services or supplies in the United States. Because Medicare has very limited coverage outside the US you can choose to buy travel insurance or an international health insurance policy. If you have a policy of this type, you should check with your insurance provider to see what is covered.

Mexican National Health Insurance IMSS The Federal Government of Mexico provides medical care to its citizens as guaranteed by its Constitution. In addition, the Mexican government, through the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), offers affordable health insurance for all Mexican residents regardless of their nationality if they qualify and are willing to pay the fee. The IMSS is what ordinary health care employers buy for their workers while they have private insurance for themselves and their families.

The IMSS insurance is cheap, around $700 a year, but, like all government services everywhere, it is very bureaucratic and long waiting times and limited services are normal. Also, if you have a pre-existing condition, it will not be approved. Some expatriates have IMSS, but many still return to the US for Medicare or Veteran’s Medical due to important medical problems. We have heard good things about the IMSS doctors, who sometimes also practice in private hospitals. But the system has long waiting times, lacks adequate capacity, technology and supplies to meet minimum US standards. So it does not really provide the quality medical care that most expats require.

Medical Tourism

Everyone was more than satisfied with the results and it was much cheaper than doing it in the states. In addition, they could enjoy a wonderful vacation in PV while they recovered. Dental implants, bridges, etc. They are much less here and there are several highly qualified dentists here. Even continuing education is taught to dentists around the world. Its offices have state-of-the-art equipment. People with older spouses, brothers, etc. They have found wonderful care and care for loved ones here. Some have caregivers 24/7 in their residence and others have placed them in homes that specialize in providing excellent hospice care. All this is a fraction of what the price would be in the United States.


All the large supermarket chains in Mexico have pharmacies in their stores and several even have medical offices attached if you need to see a doctor to get a prescription. Virtually all medications available in the US are also available in Mexico, and mostly at a fraction of the cost. Chains of independent pharmacies such as Farmacia Guadalajara, Ahorro Farmacia and others are everywhere, and many are open 24 hours a day. Your doctor will give you a prescription for everything you prescribe, but only antibiotics require it here. It is very difficult to obtain an opioid-type medication in Mexico because they simply do not use much and only in special situations, apparently not like the United States.

Medical Tourism

The past few years, people are realizing that besides being a beautiful tropical paradise, Puerto Vallarta offers state-of-the-art medical facilities along with board certified and bi-lingual physicians. Geographically easily accessible with an international airport, flights arrive daily from all points across North America. We offer surgical packages on plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, orthopedic surgery, eye surgery and others. Prices for these types of procedures are substantially less than in the US and Canada and without a long wait time. Diagnostic studies and lab work are performed with state of the art equipment, are much less expensive here and there is normally no more than a 24 hour wait for an appointment.

With the prices of medical care soaring, now is the time to consider participating in this phenomenon known as “Medical Tourism”.


One of the most important aspects of taking responsibility for your healthcare is to be financially prepared for a medical emergency! If you are traveling to Puerto Vallarta for vacation, it is imperative that you check to see if your coverage at home is accepted and will cover you in Mexico. Your best bet is to purchase a good traveler’s insurance policy. These policies are much more widely accepted in the area than your private insurance “from home”. Or if you live here full time, it is important to have an insurance that is widely accepted at all private hospitals in the area. We do not sell insurance but we do work with several reputable agents. Remember that neither U.S. Medicare nor Canadian Government coverage are accepted here.

It is also very important to understand the difference between the public sector and the private sector in Mexico.

Preparing, translating and submitting a claim to your insurance company from Mexico can be quite an ordeal. The paperwork necessary is oftentimes different than what is required in the United States or Canada.

Finding a health insurance online can be very confusing. Having a good, clear cut policy can put your mind at ease, should a medical emergency arise.

A huge proportion of the North American population either has arrived at or is approaching retirement age. Recently AARP named Puerto Vallarta the Number One place in the world for Americans to retire. If you missed it last month, here is the link again. There are many reasons Puerto Vallarta was chosen: proximity to US & Canada, quality of life, lower cost of living, relaxed lifestyle, and climate. But by far one of the most significant is the availability and quality of healthcare. This is a very real concern to us all as we move into our 50s, 60s and older. As a realtor speaking to potential future residents of Puerto Vallarta, I am asked over and over about the level of health care in very specific details.

As far as quality of care and level of expertise of the doctors, nurses and technicians here, just read the many letters to editors of our English newspapers, where you will find rave reviews of patient experiences. There are several first rate hospitals, all located no more than a 20 minute drive from downtown Vallarta, with easy access from Rivera Cuale, which is located in the heart of town. These hospitals feature state of the art equipment; ambulance service is staffed with professional EMTs as well.

Most amazing to visitors is that you can usually see a doctor the same day you call for an appointment, or if you need a specialist, no more than a day or two later. Most doctors here are bilingual and have done studies abroad in their specialty.

I think the most significant health news today in Mexico is about a very important movement that has begun right here in Jalisco by one of our full time residents. He was previously an aide to a US Senator before moving to Puerto Vallarta, where he owns and operates a small hotel. Being familiar with the ins and outs of legislation in Congress, he formed a group about two years ago to lobby the US Congress to do a pilot study with an eye to recognizing Medicare for Seniors in Mexico (where the largest population of North American expats in the world now live. His premise is that the US government could save up to 30% of medical costs to Medicare for people using the system in Mexico. To date he has lobbied more than 100 legislators.

Vallarta just hosted a very well attended Global Medical Tourism Conference. Medical tourism has become a thriving business worldwide. And no place is more accessible to North America than Mexico.

Cosmetic surgery is a very popular elective, and much less costly here, and has attracted a large number of both women and men.

Dentistry also ranks very highly in Mexico, and the cost is significantly lower than up north, also with the very latest in techniques, from implants to zirconia crowns.

I have met countless people who have come to Mexico specifically for the significant savings and quality of care for cosmetic surgery or dental work, which are so much more affordable; for most people, these procedures are not covered by their medical insurance in Canada and the US.

Speaking of medical insurance, there are many specific policies for expats living abroad, and in many cases, a one year policy can cost what one might pay monthly up north for coverage. And reasonable deductibles, as well as endless options are available.

High quality healthcare in Puerto Vallarta is here to stay, as baby boomers age and continue to attract the best health practitioners to the area. That’s a major factor to add to the growing list of positive reasons to make a move to Puerto Vallarta for a great quality of life. On top of that, Rivera Cuale offers some of the finest and most convenient living conditions within the city and its great location encourages a healthful lifestyle.

Puerto Vallarta Medical Tourism Guide

According to Forbes magazine, the cost of medical procedures in Mexico can be around 85% less than in the US. Due to the cutting-edge technology to meet the needs for preventive treatment packages, medical check-ups, and specialized surgeries at a low cost, Puerto Vallarta’s Medical Tourism industry has exploded in the last few years.

With world-class hospitals offering top-notch services at a fraction of U.S. prices, Puerto Vallarta makes an excellent destination for travelers looking to have elective surgery or cosmetic procedures are done while they are on vacation. The services offered in Puerto Vallarta include everything from dental work to knee replacements, allowing you to treat yourself to a much-needed procedure without worrying about paying off the debt for years afterward.

What is Medical Tourism?

With the rise of health care costs in the United States and other countries, medical tourism is a growing trend for patients in Puerto Vallarta who are seeking affordable and quality medical procedures. There are many reasons why Puerto Vallarta’s may choose to travel out of the country for their surgery, such as lower cost, top-notch surgeons, shorter wait times, and a more positive recovery experience. If you’re thinking about traveling abroad for surgery or other treatments, it’s important to consider all your options carefully.

Most Popular Procedures in Puerto Vallarta

In our Puerto Vallarta medical tourism guide, we’ve made a list of the most popular procedures available locally.

Dental tourism & implants

According to research by Delta Dental, an estimated 65 percent of Americans have not seen a dentist in more than two years. Puerto Vallarta has emerged as one of America’s most popular destinations for those seeking discounted dental care and implants. In fact, compared to prices charged back home, it’s an incredible value!

Dental implants are surgical posts that are fixed to the jawbone. They are normally done with titanium or zirconium and over time they tend to fuse with the surrounding tissue, strengthening the overall implant.

Laser eye surgery

LASIK eye surgery is a common form of vision correction. More and more people are seeking medical tourism packages in Puerto Vallarta with LASIK surgery as it is an effective and safe procedure that can change your life!

Stem cell therapy

Also known as regenerative therapy, stem cell therapy promotes the repair response of diseased, dysfunctional, or injured tissue. This is especially helpful for joint damage to help regenerate lost or damaged cartilage, alleviate inflammation, and halt disease/degenerative progression.

Cosmetic & plastic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an option for men and women in Puerto Vallarta. The city has over 25 plastic surgeons who work with international and local patients. From nose jobs to facelifts, breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and more, Puerto Vallarta plastic surgeons can deliver dramatic results.


Many people are terrified of going under anesthesia, but with advanced techniques and equipment, liposuction is one of the safest surgeries. With its ability to dissolve fat cells and reduce volume, it’s a highly effective treatment for excess fat in many areas of your body. If you’re ready to remove pesky pockets of fat from around your thighs or love handles, liposuction can do that—and has a high success rate compared to other methods.

Tummy tuck

The cost of tummy tuck surgery can vary widely depending on where you live, but it generally costs $6,000 to $10,000 in countries like India.

Weight loss surgery

If you’re on a quest to get into better shape, it makes sense to explore all your options. If you can’t shed that stubborn extra weight through diet and exercise alone, then a gastric sleeve surgery for weight loss could be an option for you. This is especially true if your BMI (body mass index) is over 30—in which case weight loss surgery in Puerto Vallarta could help you lose enough weight to lower your BMI into a healthy range.

Botox & fillers

Wrinkles do not have to be permanent. In fact, some treatments can eliminate wrinkles completely and immediately. One of these is Botox, which reduces facial lines by blocking communication between nerve endings and muscle fibers. This results in reduced tension in your face. In addition to eliminating frown lines, Botox can reduce crow’s feet (lines on either side of your eyes) and forehead wrinkles.

Some of the top hospitals in the Puerto Vallarta area are:

CMQ Hospital Puerto Vallarta: +52 322 223 1919
Hospital CMQ Riviera Nayarit (Bucerias): +52 329 298 0717
Hospital Joya Riviera (Nuevo Vallarta): +52 322 226 8181
Hospital Joya Marina Vallarta: +52 322 226 1010

Health Insurance Providers in Puerto Vallarta

For health insurance in Puerto Vallarta, there are generally 2 options: private or public health care insurance. The IMSS is the Mexican Social Security Institute which is in charge of the public health care system. For private health insurance options, the most popular companies are:

Allianz Seguros
AXA Seguros
Seguros Inbursa
Seguros Monterrey New York Life

What is Health Insurance for Foreigners (Expats) in Mexico. https://promovisionpv.com/what-is-health-insurance-for-foreigners-expats-in-mexico/

Medical resources links will be added soon. Keep returning to this page for up-dates

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