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Hostels in Puerto Vallarta for travelers!

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Is there Hostels in Puerto Vallarta for a great option for travelers!

Hostels in Puerto Vallarta is great for travelers if you are more about spending time ouside then inside, spending your time visiting all possible attractions.

Travel is living experiences!

A hostel is a lower-priced inn of sorts that offers basic, shared accommodations. Typically, a hostel features a large room with separate beds, a shared bathroom, and a communal kitchen. Some hostels have private rooms, but the lower-cost ones generally offer bunk beds. Because hostels typically provide bare-bones accommodation with several people to a room, shared bathrooms and limited food services.

Why do they call it a hostel?

The word hostel comes from the Latin hospitale meaning “inn, large house.” Think of a hostel as an inn for students or young people. Often you can stay in one of these places for relatively little money because multiple beds are in one room and you share the bathroom with other guests.

Which is the best part of Puerto Vallarta to stay?

North of downtown and south of the Marina Vallarta, the Hotel Zone is perhaps one of the best places to start looking for accommodations. Many of the resorts and hotels along this area are right next to or even on the beach, which gives you beautiful views of Banderas Bay and the Pacific Ocean. (See link to Puerto Vallarta Map and Hostels further down the page)

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Can anyone stay in hostels?

This depends on your destination and on the hostel. Some hostels put an age limit of 18-35 on travelers. But at others, anyone is welcome, which is part of what makes staying in hostels so interesting! Hostels are a popular budget option though, so the crowd at hostels does tend to skew young

What is the difference between a hostel and a hotel?

The main difference between hostels and hotels is that hostels provide dormitory-like settings in which to stay, whereas hotels are individual rooms for more privacy. However, there is more of a community feel in a hostel as opposed to the solidarity of a hotel room.

Are hostels safe as a girl?

Yes, hostels are safe for women as long as they take precautions.

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Do hostels have an age limit?

Although in most people’s minds, Youth Hostels are connected with young travelers, there is no maximum age for staying in a Youth Hostel. Youth Hostels are open to all travelers of all travelers , from students to retirees by way of families with children, who wish to experience a social adventure.

How safe are hostels?

Unlike in the States, hostels are quite popular. They are generally clean, safe (provided you take precautions), and full of friendly, interesting travelers from around the world.

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Do hostels have bathrooms?

Hostel bathrooms can be the worst part of budget travel, but they’re not all bad. Actually, some are just as nice as you’d find in a hotel. You should, however, prepare yourself for shared bathrooms, though private hostel rooms may have an en suite

Do people sleep together in hostels?

Can couples sleep together in hostels? The answer is yes! Many hostels offer private rooms with double beds or twin beds that can be pushed together to create a double bed. Couples can enjoy a private space while still being able to take advantage of the social atmosphere of a hostel.

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Do hostels have locks on doors?

Most of the good ones have lockers for free or to rent and a lot of the newer or larger ones will lock the rooms and give you a key. And yes, generally “single private” rooms lock. You’ll be fine if you just use common sense

Do hostels provide food?

Many hostels provide food, usually breakfast and an evening meal, which usually need to be paid for even if the resident does not take them.

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Do hostels have female-only rooms?

Many women don’t want to sleep in the same room with the unfamiliar men (for any reason), and it’s why the hostels have the female-only dorms anyway. It’s not a discrimination that single-sex rooms are more expensive, because women are allowed to choose mix room if they want

Do you share showers in a hostel?

Do hostels have communal showers? Yes, but perhaps not in the way you’re thinking. Most hostels have a communal bathroom with private shower stalls. So while they’re technically “communal”, you’ll still have a sense of privacy.

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How long can you stay in a hostel for?

While you can stay in a hostel for as long as you want, moving from time to time is a great way to keep things fresh. Plus, you’ll see more of the area.

Are hostels cash only?

This will depend on the property’s own policy in their House Rules, so make to read these carefully! The property will have this clearly displayed what method you can pay with on arrival, either cash and/or credit/debit card.

Is 40 too old for a hostel?

Are hostels only for young people? The short answer is no hostels are not just for you people! If you’re wondering if you’re too old to stay in a hostel, you’re not. You are only as old as your actions. I am 47 and still travel like a backpacker/flash packer. Having traveled to 72 countries now I have met 66 y.o. backpackers, 18 y.o.s and every age in between. I like the adventure and I have travel friends who are in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. Bottom line: You are never too old to travel.

Do people make friends in hostels?

9 Simple Tips for Making Friends in Hostels 2024
Making friends in hostels is easy, because hostels are social! And many hostel managers like to point out that the S in Hostel stands for Social.

What is proper hostel room etiquette?

Be quiet. No one expects you to tip-toe around the room during the day, even if someone is taking a nap. There’s an unwritten understanding that during the day, the dorm room is fair game. However, after 10pm or 11pm, keep the noise down. People are trying to sleep!

Google Map for Hostels

Google Hostels Map

Alexandross hostel BnB
Hotel- 2.17km from city centre
Alexandross hostel BnB is located in the romantic zone 3 blocks from Los Muertos beach, and 5 blocks from the boardwalk, the property is very central, nearby you will find pharmacies, convenient stores.

Hostel Enjoy vallarta
Hostel- 2.06km from city centre
Hostal Enjoy Vallarta 19 got the best location in Puerto Vallarta.

Hostel Vallarta
Hostel- 1.8km from city centre
Hostel Vallarta is the perfect match to enjoy and discover Puerto Vallarta and Mexico.
Privates rooms and dorms

El sunset hostel
Hostel- 2.99km from city centre
El sunset hostel is a friendly and comfortable hostel in a quiet neighborhood of Puerto Vallarta centre.

Chanclas Hostel
Hostel- 1.87km from city centre
Welcome to Chanclas Hostel – the friendliest and a favorite of backpackers. The hostel has: linens and towels. Privates rooms and dorms

Oasis Hostel
Hostel- 3km from city centre
Come enjoy the summer with the Oasis Family with super low prices which are only available through Hostelworld bookings!

Ten to Ten Puerto Vallarta
Hostel- 1.79km from city centre
We want to connect our guests with local people, local foods, local experiences. We are suitable for young.

Casa Kraken Hostel
Hostel- 1.8km from city centre
Hola! This is the Kraken Hostel and we want you to stay here! We’re right in the center of downtown, next. Dorms Only

Teocalli Hostel
Hostel- 1.78km from city centre
Dorm-style shared room. Within walking distance of the beach!!

Los Muertos Hostal
Hostel- 2.11km from city centre
Los Muertos Hostal is a new European hostel with authentic Mexican charm where you will find the ideal place to rest in the best location, clean facilities, safety and at a very reasonable price. Dorms Only

Hostal Los Gonzalez
Hostel- 2.95km from city centre
Dive into the mesmerizing Cenote Zaci, a mere 1 km away, offering a natural oasis with its ancient formations.

Vive Alegria Hostel
Hostel- 2.59km from city center
Vive Alegria Hostel offers shared and private rooms in Puerto Vallarta!

You may consult online booking for more information and ratings
https://www.booking.com/ Hostels

Overall Best Hostel in Puerto Vallarta – Hostel Vallarta
Best Cheap Hostel in Puerto Vallarta – El Sunset Hostel
Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Puerto Vallarta – Chanclas Hostel
Top Party Hostel in Puerto Vallarta – Casa Kraken
Top Hostel with a Private Room in Puerto Vallarta – Ten to Ten Puerto Vallarta
Best Hostel for Couples in Puerto Vallarta – Los Muertos Hostel
Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Puerto Vallarta – Oasis Hostel

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