Promovision has produced several informative documentaries about, tourism, ecology, life in small indigenous village, fishing villages, organic coffee plantation and others, in the regions surrounding Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit.

A documentary is a long form use of video, usually presenting one main topic with one point of view. Documentaries can educate, convince, entertain, disgust, or thrill.

Usually shot over several months or years, documentaries can either be made for TV broadcast or sold to the consumer or school education market Multimedia - is the newest application for the use of video. We have used them part of our informational Hotel in-house programs.

New video clips are being shot and incorporated into interactive training, learning and education. Old video clips can be re-purposed for this new format also. Multi-platform DIGITAL use little quick-time video clips that integrate with interactive learning.

Now comes DIGITAL with full screen, full motion video and higher video. WOW! Don't forget using video on your website, to be downloaded by your customers.

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