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Promovision offers more than 20 year experience in production expertise along with the dedication to learn your business, create the best message, always on budget and always on deadline every time. You will be working with video professionals who take extreme pride in their work.

Marketing & Sales Videos - are short 5-8 minute high impact overview videos with slick visuals and strong messages. The purpose of these videos is to entice, not overwhelm with detailed information. Usually sales assistance, support material or collateral accompanies these type of videos. Marketing videos can be distributed by direct mail or ordered over your Website. Marketing videos can be seen by your audience as a sales presentation at conferences, trade shows or special events. Video News Release or VNR is another effective way to get your message out to the masses, either by satellite or video tape distribution to the television stations --- in the form of a news story

Documentary - is a long form use of video, usually presenting one main topic with one point of view. Documentaries can educate, convince, entertain, disgust, or thrill. Usually shot over several months or years, documentaries can either be made for TV broadcast or sold to the consumer or school education market Multimedia - is the newest application for the use of video. New video clips are being shot and incorporated into interactive training, learning and education. Old video clips can be re-purposed for this new format also. Multi-platform CD-ROMs use little quick-time video clips that integrate with interactive learning. Now comes DVD with full screen, full motion video and higher video and audio quality than VHS tape. WOW! Don't forget using video on your website, to be downloaded by your customers

Aerials - Videotaping from a DRONE can sometimes be the very best way to showcase a company location in an educational video. Aerial photography can give you a bird's eye view perspective, showing relationships of buildings to road, or other buildings. Aerial pictures give your video project higher production values lots more on our 2,000 marketing pages blog: or contact us: