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Video generates 80% more rentals.

Video Increases Engagement.
Video create trust as well as engagement.
45.4% of us view at least one video online per month.
100 million of us view videos on the net once a day.
90% of online shoppers say that videos are helpful when it comes to making decisions.

How critical are rental videos when it comes to marketing?
Video listings get far more hits than your typical listing stills.
Videos keep most visitors on websites six times longer.
Viewers retain 95 percent of the message.
Videos are 53 percent more likely to rank on the first page of results on Google.
Video gives clients an overall view of what can effectively service their needs.
Video gets right to the heart of the renter's of “what it’s like to live here…”
Video appeal are recognizing its value.

Take a look at those villa & condo rentals:  Puerto Vallarta Rentals

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