Yelapa Beach Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco


Yelapa Beach Narreted via Puerto Vallarta Travel Video Photo. Discover Yelapa Bay & Beach in Banderas Bay Yelapa is the most famous

beachon Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. This tiny village has a very informal, laid-back ambiance. An interesting blend of a South Seas island lifestyle, an artists retreat and a hippie hangout – Yelapa’s an escape from civilization and a photographer’s dream! Photo opportunities on Yelapa are as diverse as the people who live here. The most popular activity on Yelapa is doing nothing at all, but if you’re feeling adventurous there are many things to see, do, and photograph. The golden sand beach is a superb place to snorkel, parasail, or take snapshots of your Vallarta beach vacation. A short hike or horseback ride will take you to the tropical forest above the village, where you can take pictures of Yelapa’s 150-foot waterfall. Subscribe to our youtube channel for more Mexico Travel videos. www,


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