Botanical Garden Puerto Vallarta


The Vallarta Botanical Garden has grown to become one of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s most important landmarks. The garden attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year to experience this unique, thrilling and beautiful botanical garden here in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains.

The Vallarta Botanical Garden was the recent winner of the American Public Garden Associations highest honor, the 2022 Garden of Excellence Award. We are also the the first garden outside of the US to receive this important prize, and is the Public Garden Industry’s highest award.

The garden has Mexico largest collection of native Mexican Magnolias along with collections of native orchids and exotic rhododendrons stunningly showcased in elegant conservatories throughout the property. Subscribe to our youtube channel for more Mexico travel videos.

You will step inside the Orchid House to see what’s in bloom. Many of the orchids are produced here inside their own envitro laboratory.

Step inside the elegant Cacti and Succulent Pavilion. Mexico is the worlds center of cactus biodiversity and many can be seen in this lovely showcase.

No trip to Puerto Vallarta is complete without dining in the garden’s Magnificent Hacienda de Oro Restaurant- featuring authentic Mexican recipes and live music daily.

The Nuestra Señora del Jardin, the garden’s chapel and spiritual center, famous for its interiors of antique botanical wall coverings and the International Peace Garden of Mexico also located here.

The garden is also an on-going conservation project and naturalist paradise with over 250 species of native birds, and more than 100 hectares of wilderness preserve home to native macaws and jaguars. Hiking trails can be enjoyed in the forest along with jungle river swimming.

In the garden gift shop, you are sure to find a unique and beautiful Made in Mexico souvenir to remember your magic day here at Vallarta Botanical Garden.

This introduction invite you to visit our magical garden in person the Puerto Vallarta Mexico at the Vallarta Botanical Garden. Subscribe to our youtube channel for more Mexico travel videos.


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