All About Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is defined by the natural charm of its beaches embraced by the Sierra Madre mountains; the essence of its culture, gastronomy and traditions; and the warmth and hospitality of being welcomed like a friend. This magical destination has an authentic Mexican taste and spirit.

Whether it’s on an adventure exploring steep rivers in the jungle or a relaxing and pampering trip, Puerto Vallarta has a wide range of activities and experiences waiting for you.

Puerto Vallarta is the quintessential family destination. Ecotourism and water parks; adventures in the middle of the jungle or swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat; days filled with sun and sand or fun and culture among its picturesque streets: absolutely everything that you’re looking for when planning your family trip awaits in this destination.

Discover Puerto Vallarta’s natural beauty and be amazed by the huge diversity of flora and fauna: from visiting the zoo to visiting the El Salado estuary; horseback riding to the Quimixto waterfall or just strolling along the streets and beaches is a journey of discovering: pelicans and cormorants will be joining you. The destination’s biodiversity will enchant you.

Scuba diving, diving lessons, surf guides and snorkeling. You can enjoy these family activities in the beaches of Puerto Vallarta. The calm Pacific waters will be the perfect setting to spend a day discovering the magic of this destination. Subscribe to our youtube channel for more destinations and activities information.

Explore the Cuale River Island and be astonished by the artistic activities and workshops offered. Discover Puerto Vallarta’s cultural side when you visit The Navy Museum, The Chocolate Museum, and its many galleries and cultural spots such as the Malecon Arches, with open-air shows and performances to enjoy with the family.

With so many places to discover, Puerto Vallarta is one of the best places to travel with friends, as this destination has everything to enjoy and spend a wonderful time. Visit our youtube channel for some ideas of things you can do when visiting Puerto Vallarta with friends.

When visiting Puerto Vallarta with friends, add to your schedule taking a ride on a yacht. These tours are guided by locals that know the area well, so you’ll be able to enjoy activities such as swimming with wild dolphins, snorkeling, or simply enjoying the ride with your favorite drink in hand while visiting the Marietas Islands, Las Caletas, Quimixto, or Yelapa; it’ll be a memorable experience for sure.

The best trips with friends are those enjoyed when the sun goes down, and in Puerto Vallarta there is a vibrant nightlife with a great variety of bars and clubs in town, with everything you need to spend an amazing getaway with your friends.

One thing you have to do for sure on your next visit to Puerto Vallarta is enjoy a sunset, and admire the stunning tones of orange, pink, blue, and violet in the sky. The Malecon is a great place to enjoy it, either sitting at a restaurant, a bar, or during an open-air event.

Simply spending a day at the beach in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is a well-known beach destination with warm waters, exotic natural beauty and top-notch facilities. There are a plethora of beaches to be discovered in the company of friends: from hidden places accessible only by boat or surrounded by magical sceneries and extraordinary biodiversity. Enjoy a day with friends in Puerto Vallarta’s beaches, with good music and the ocean breeze to spend a great time together, just hanging out.

If you’re planning a weekend getaway to rest or party non-stop, Puerto Vallarta is the place to visit. The Friendliest City in the World will welcome you with open arms, a wonderful weather and gorgeous beaches that you can easily get to.

When planning your itinerary be sure to include outdoor activities, tours and trips all throughout the bay, city strolls and visits to the destination’s hidden beaches.

Puerto Vallarta has an endless number of places to be in contact with nature and enjoy paradise, such as Mismaloya, Colomitos, Las Animas, Quimixto, just to name a few.

Take a break from routine and plan a tour with professionals specialized in creating everlasting moments. From scuba diving at Los Arcos Marine Park in Mismaloya, beach days at Las Animas or Caballo Beach, an adventure day interacting with sea lions, or delighting your palate while watching a live show in Las Caletas. The list goes on and on!

These are just some ideas of activities to do with friends in Puerto Vallarta, but this destination has many more options of things to do that might interest you.

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